Las Vegas street shoot 2014

Spent some time down in Vegas in the middle of June this year and found myself out on the streets. Here are a couple of gentleman I came across who were willing to pose.WolfmanGrunge


Red Rock Canyon Nevada

My wife and I took a visit down to Vegas to see the Grandkids, we took the opportunity to see Red Rock Canyon. If you are ever down there, take a break from losing your money and pay a visit, it is well worth the jaunt out of town.Nevada desert

Summer 2013 …. whoosh! Gone

Where the heck did the summer go?? Seems like 5 minutes ago I was taking pictures in the spring! Well I hope everyone had a great summer here in the western hemisphere. My father came over from UK for a 7 week visit which was awesome, I took the opportunity to photograph him and following in my interest in BW and came up with the following.Image

A primer for posing

Check this out for an excellent selection of posing guides.  It was written by a guest contributor for one of my favourite photography websites, Digital Photography School.  It covers guides for photographing woman, men, couples, children, groups and weddings using very simple but effective graphics.  Enjoy!



Canon EF 70-200 F4 L IS zoom lens

There I was minding my own business when Canon came knocking at my email box.

Canon: Listen Mark we know you’ve been eyeing up our EF 70-200 F4 L IS zoom lens for quite sometime and it just so happens we are celebrating our 40th anniversary so go ahead … celebrate with us. BUT, we warn you … here’s the catch … we are popping the balloons on June 16th. Happy Anniversary … Love Canon x

So I thought ….. what’s the harm in just taking a look … I mean .. really! So with a list of authorised dealer websites in Canada I went “window” shopping …. just taking a look of course. Problem being, I find out that my favourite store is in on this conspiracy to extricate my money from my bank account …. $380.00 off and free shipping.

I really don’t know how it happened …… I must have blacked out or something but somehow the lens ended up in my shopping cart. But that’s where it stayed so I could muse over the situation … oh come on … don’t tell me you have not done that before!! Liar liar pants on fire!

Anyway … tonight I just happened to be musing at my favourite store when my wife looked over my shoulder and asked me what was in my cart. So I explained the horrible situation that these bad people had placed me in and that they were trying to entice me to spend money but I only had until the 16th to save $400 (with tax difference).

My wife with all her wisdom simply stated that if I spent too much time thinking about it I could find myself really disappointed if they sell out at that price! You know I really love my wife’s logic!

So you see it really is her fault that I am going to be waiting for the brown truck to bring me my second piece of “L” glass.